The first one

by irockmad

When you fail, you start fresh again. My first blog ( was an absolute failure, a disaster, a result of my negligence. I really lacked attention on it and in few articles the blog went into the state of oblivion and almost obliterated. I can give lame reasons for not blogging like I have been indulged in work so much or my laptop’s keyboard is totally spoiled (which is btw true) but that would hurt the writer in me that always aspires to write endlessly. I was careless for blogging and I failed. But you can always start again. So I am.

This would be my new blog:  A platform to share my ideas with the universe (well nothing lateral than other blogs) and an urge to bring out my views and shape them into words. The touch of my fingers on the keyboard will make my blog different than others. That touch makes every blog differ from others. Every blog has its voice. I hope mine will have too. A voice that can generate emotions is always the loudest. My blog will try to bang bang!

Signing off