I need time (If you have an extra one then please lend me)

by irockmad

Blogging needs thinking. Thinking needs time. Even if there are bits of creative ideas that flash in the inner eye at any absurd time, it is still necessary to give it a makeover. The molecules of ideas must be fused to present an element. And for us, writers, the molecules in the form of letters must come out. Otherwise it will explode inside, frustrating us, saddening us. It must come out, making us happy. That is why we write, we blog. But it takes time to create the whole painting. Blogging need time. And time is always crucial, compelling us to flow with it. For me, the fixed hours are not enough. I need extra time to think more, to blog more, to write more. I wish I could take a break from sleeping. I waste a lot of time.

Time is…
Time was…
Time will never be enough


Signing off