Sleepless nights with words: A quest to find what matters to us

Out of many sleepless nights, I know only few will matter. Rest will stay with me. They are for me and my little happiness.

Out of many words I’ve written, most of them are for you. But the one’s that’s left are mine. They will dissolve in my blood like sugar and make me happy.

Out of many dreams I’ve seen, only few will become reality. Rest will be wasted. So I thought, why not laugh at them and be happy for few moments?

Out of many steps I’ve taken, only few were the careful and clean ones. While others were on mud and mostly spoiled my feet. These carefree and dirty ones bring the childhood back into my eyes. All those muck-play was flashed unstoppable. It makes me incredibly happy.

I am not enlightened. I am not a saint. I am not a man with wisdom. I am just another man lost in the crowd with no face. I may not have the answers to your questions. I may not have the capabilities that will separate me from the crowd. But I know one thing which you may or may not know.

I know what matters the most to me. I know what makes me alive. It’s happiness. It is the mixture of many things but all of these lead to only one thing that matters to me the most: true happiness.

I believe my thought is no different than others. I think this is what matters to all of us. It is a human conquest to reach the state of happiness. Anything we do in our lives, all the purpose we build in our minds, all the roads we take is consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously to pursue happiness. It’s a religion that unites us. A fundamental need of all human beings to make life beautiful.

Every action, good or bad, sane or insane, has its purpose. The purpose is born to make us happier. Whatever we do in our lives is to be happy. Sometimes we get distracted and choose the wrong path where action doesn’t bring happiness. This path is dark and ruthless. Taking the right turn is necessary here. Otherwise it will kill us. It will make us a zombie.

Finding what matters for you the most is not a very difficult task. You just need to listen to your inner voice. Whatever you choose, the ultimate reason of choosing it will be based on the happiness it will deliver. If something will make you happy, obviously you’ll love it and choose it. Who wants to be sad? Nobody! Even if there are few people who loves being sad because it gives them happiness. We are all similar when it comes to our ultimate purpose. It’s always to be happy.

All my passion, love and interests stay with me untouched by external calamities because I keep safe within me. There is only one reason to keep them safe. They all make me happy. They all burn me altogether so I can shine happily like a diamond. It’s two-thirty in the night and I am still awake to write this because as the ink of my pen continues to create words, happiness keeps coming to me. How can I miss this happiness and sleep?  Sleep is boring. I wish I could erase the sleeping part from my life.

If now we believe that what matters to all of us is happiness then we should all believe that there are three ingredients that lead us to happiness viz. passion, love and interests. These three things make us. They let us feel our existence. They remark that we are Homo sapiens who lead a life of purpose. They don’t let us sleep until we are satisfied and happy.

I write endlessly in nights because that’s when I get time to write. The days are mostly wasted in making someone else’s dreams. Nights are for my dreams. Nights are my genie that grants me my happy writing time when everyone’s asleep and I can cherish the silence of earth. But I don’t let sleep touch me. I am full of fire now and keep burning until I attain true happiness, until I fulfill my passion of writing.

But there are nights when I don’t feel enough passion. I feel love. I remember everyone I love. My mother and this girl I love. Both of them make me happy unconditionally. Both of them love me without any sense of selfishness. I reminisce the past and dream of future with them. I remember all the love they have showered upon me. It makes me happy. Love fills the world with happiness. And the lonely night just passes.

What matters to me and all of us is always happiness and the struggle to find it. The spiritual masters might say that the true happiness comes from within. But I think it’s a long journey to extract it from the core of our soul. Happiness comes in parts. Then only it has value. Perpetual happiness exists or not, I don’t know. But when it comes to us after a tough journey, we feel good and love life.

But there is one serious glitch in the whole idea. We usually do whatever possible to achieve happiness. But in the journey we often get blinded and forget to think about the happiness of our contemporaries. What we need to do is to produce mutual happiness and eradicate the selfish acts that bring happiness at the cost of others. By that way happiness will climb up to a new high.  

All that matters is happiness. For you, for me, for all of us.

Happy sleepless nights!

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters’ contest at in association with INK Talks 2013.