Greed, love and happiness: An unbreakable nexus

Does human greed for love is natural? Does greed has any limits? How much love do we need to feel satisfied with life? Even if we have love, why do we want more of it? Why we want people to love us? Why others have an effect on us? What can we do to rise above all of it? Is there any way or the questions will remain questions?

Everyone is different. Either they are happy or sad. There is no mid-way. But one thing is common in all living beings. We all need love to live and without it we will be destroyed. But this is not our fault. From the beginning of our lives, we have been made addictive to it by our mothers or fathers. When we grow up and leave our homes, the love which we used to get cannot be felt. The love always prevails but not the presence of the people. Presence gives you the feeling of love. From distance, it’s hard to feel it the same way. This compels us to find a new love. Few are lucky. Things come to them. Others have to keep their eyes and heart open. Their path is struggling.

The new love can be anything. Work, people, food, pets, accessories, travelling, anything. But out of all these, the love of a human is the need of all soul. Because they give us a reaction. Other non living things will never touch you. Only humans can touch you and make your breath heavy. So we walk in search of a stranger with whom we can fall in love. Feelings of lovelessness are strong at this time. Many were heartbroken. But those who succeed in their motive become happy. Sometimes love is a total cosmic and unreal process. It just happens. This is good. We flow like the wind endlessly and we love every moment of it. But the pain of separation will not spare you. It will come and kill you. The people who have been spared are the fortunate ones.

Let me change the point here and come to our lives. We live in a time when the feeling of gratitude rarely comes in our mind. May be that’s why every other self help book says it loud to feel the gratitude. Why can’t we feel it? Are we hollow from the inside? Long before our ancestors have given a beautiful piece of advice to stay happy with what we have. But we are humans who have the curse to think. Thinking fuels yearning. A yearning desire to obtain more. May be what we have inside us will never make us happy. We really want some more. This is greed. Here again the people are divided into two classes. First who have the greed of power and money and secondly, who have the greed of love. But the ultimate of goal of both of these sections of people is the same. They both want to reach above the clouds where happiness exists. The struggle of life is to attain happiness. This way or that way, without happiness, we are broken into pieces.

But does happiness is similar to truth that is always searched? Why do they say that it comes from within? Does anything come from within? Questions again! Well if we were alone in this universe then we should have brought the happiness from inside. But we live in a society. We live with people. We see people. We can never ignore them. Anyway they will affect you in as positive or negative way. Everything around us has an impact on us. Everything in this world is connected with imaginary strings that were tensioned. You cannot run from them. You have to face them, love them, hate them and accept them. Most of the happiness is a result of events that happen in our lives. And events consist of people. People who can make us happy or sad. But we always want to choose the first option. No matter how much a person will say that he/she is happy being sad but from the inside happiness is always longed, always searched. For these people, happiness means a lot. But leave them; they are very less in number.

Let’s come to general psychology of our mind that desires for more love. It comes from insecurity we develop over the course of our life. We feel that people will leave us behind, taking all the love. We want them to like us more than others. That way we will be loved and happiness will be showered. There’s no doubt that it’s for short term but even the smallest of happiness matters to us, doesn’t it? In the above paragraphs we have understood how people around us affect us to the core and we cannot escape their action and criticism. This way, getting loved by them affects us in a positive way and release the energy that makes us happy. Any disturbance frightens us and fuels the greed. A greed that will never weaken. A greed that keeps on opening its mouth. There is no limit to it. And there is no measurement of love such that we can tell how much we want to make ourselves satisfied. May be we will always long for more love and that is why we become promiscuous. And the people for whom even the smallest particle of love is enough, happiness is at their door.  While others, including me, the stupid lesser mortals will be greedy always unless we go through a series of enlightenment. Otherwise all the anger with our greed that is not fulfilled will pile up and destroy us. We will end due to our greed. The question that how can we rise above it will still remain a question.